Yes WOW - The Book of Selflove

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Yes Wow book -The Self Love Bible
"Self Love is the answer to all your problems"  -  It's one thing to know this, the next step is taking action! This work and playbook makes you practice and integrate your self-love through daily actions. This wonderful book has all the tools for that. Make it complete by following the online Self Love course as well (link).
“Wether you are an artist, therapist, teacher, coach or parent... a traveler, a seeker, a yogi, however your path might bee... this book will initiate such a wonderful and tender process in you, shift your perspectives that will accelerate your healing journey, evolve your work and inspire your fire ... “ Mikki Funk
Have it on your nightstand, take it with you to the beach, whenever you need inspiration or a reminder to find yourself and the Wow in every moment. Or when you feel like manifesting something… This is your personal companion of creating magic and fun in your life all through the joyful art of SELF LOVE.

Printed on recycled paper in Berlin, limited edition

You get inspired for your daily dose of SELFLOVE!