About Us

Hi there, 

we are Mikki Funk and Q DeRhino,

we are Artists and Entrepreneurs....Artistpreneurs...:) living on the Magic Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea...

The items we are selling here in this shop are Art pieces you can use daily for your inspiration and your creative stimulation.

I wrote this book in a period of my life, that was quite tough:

My film company broke down, my marriage found an end and with all this happening a big dream of mine broke too.

I needed a plan for my Life, something, that would be easy to follow and fun and creative, and that would give me hope again...

So one day I sat down and this book came to me: I started to write and made the drawings till it was finished.

I used it daily and figured out, that it is very powerful, so I printed my first edition and started to sell it!

Since then I got so much positive response, I never got before with any other Art piece I created.

2012 I took the book and finally followed my dream to live on my Magic Island.

Soon after arriving here, I thought, may be I could write the second book, but it didn't work out as a book, instead it became a card game...

Wow, this card game is extremely powerful for any insights in your Life.

I can highly recommend it, I tested it now for years and also got so much good response from people, who are playing it and are ready to transform their Lives.

So and now its here for you out to be spread all over the world!

Enjoy! Get yours and give it to all your friends!